Double Choc Delight!

I was suppose to conduct a baking session over the weekend with my cousin but unfortunately something came up and we had to postpone it. I remember her telling me her hubby and son loves anything chocolate so the next day I decided to bake them a fresh batch of my double chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate butter cream on top.

It is just such a sinful delight! There's 3 types of chocolate ingredients in it so you can imagine how chocolatey it is!

And being a typical female, I had to spruce it up with pretty shiny dragee and edible flowers.

I just couldn't resist! ;)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Hubby!

It was my husband's birthday recently and what better way to show my appreciation for him but to bake his favourite vanilla cupcakes. Not to mention it was my first cupcakes for the year 2010!

Its a simple vanilla base with vanilla butter cream on top with some yummy sugary edibles. It may sound boring but its just such a lovely flavour and is perfect for baby showers or high tea sessions.

Just to put it simply, yummy!

Enjoy. :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Lealalicious is now open for business!

Hello Cupcake Lovers!

Lealalicious is now finally online!

Please bear with me for the moment as I'm new to blogging and trying to work out the kinks. :p

Rest assured I make quality cupcakes which are not only beautiful to the eye
but also wonderful for the taste buds.

I've been helping out my sister with her online business for two years so I pretty
much know the drill about making cupcakes. At the present time, I can whip up flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, mocha and lemon. Give me a bit more time and I will be able to offer you more delicious flavours and beautiful designs.

In case you're wondering where I got the name from, it is inspired by my beautiful daughter Leala. You inspire mummy to work hard and this is all because of you. :)

Thank you for dropping by and please spread the word out there about Lealalicious.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx