Darren's Full Moon Celebration

This is was my first order for a baby full moon celebration. My cousin Henny put her faith and trust in me to come up with something beautiful and unique for her lovely little boy.

She requested for chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with fondant decor. Everything you see in the photos was handmade by me except for the pacifier.

Everything turned out well except there was some drama with the fondant. I wanted to finish everything early so I put the fondant on top the night before and closed the lid. By the next morning, the fondant had started to melt a little and I was in panic mode. I then realised that the box had absolutely no ventilation as the box was handmade from wood with a glass cover top.! Luckily it wasn't too bad and we managed
to save most of it.

The result...cute and playful, just like little Darren. :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Kutsy!

This was specially made for my dear brother in law Kutz's birthday late last month.

Everything you see on the fondant represents who he is and what he wears. He loves his gold rolex, is crazy about white shoes, wears a gold crucifix and is always in a white t-shirt.

He also loves chocolate so what else but my favourite double chocolate chip topped with chocolate buttercream.:)

Happy Birthday Kutsy!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

A Disney Princess Birthday!

This was a special request from my cousin Henny. She wanted to me to bake birthday cupcakes for my niece Grace who happens to love Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

It's a double chocolate chip cupcake with an edible picture of Aurora topped with pink vanilla buttercream and edible white pearls.

For the final look, I packaged the cupcake in a cute clear box with pink satin ribbon. Perfect for a princess cupcake. :)

Happy Birthday Grace!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Mum!

It was my beautiful mother in law's birthday last weekend and I wanted to make something extra special for her.

She saw my tiffany collection and absolutely loved so I did another collection just for her! I handmade all the fondant work the week before and boy they took some time but it was worth the effort!

She requested for a coffee flavoured cupcake so I made a coffee base and finished off with vanilla buttercream.

Superbly elegant and classic, just like my mother in law. :)

Happy birthday again mummy!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Lily!

Yesterday was my future sister in law's birthday and the girl is crazy for lilac! For something different, I made lemon cupcakes with lilac coloured lemon buttercream. The combination of sweet and tangy is just delightful!

I handmade the fondant flowers three days before and to my mistake I left them out in the sun and the colour actually faded! Oh well we have to make mistakes in order to improve right? I added edible pearls to give it an elegant touch and some slight sparkle from lilac edible dust. The end result didn't look too bad did it? :)

Happy Birthday Lily!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Presenting...The Tiffany Collection

My cupcake master aka my sister and boss of www.cake-in-a-cup.blogspot.com came to visit me in Jakarta over the weekend. Apparently my love of cupcakes has re-inspired her and we spent all weekend shopping for baking supplies, cupcaking and playing with fondant.

She wanted to make a special gift for her Jakarta colleagues so we came up with the Tiffany Collection. It was a double chocolate chip cupcake with vanilla buttercream. We slowly added colour to create the perfect 'Tiffany' colour. The bows were handmade with fondant and we use edible pearls for the rest.

The result? Beautiful elegant cupcakes, perfect for a wedding!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Debby!

It was my cousin's birthday last week and I thought what wouldn't be better then to surprise her with her favourite double chocolate chip cupcakes. It was finished with chocolate buttercream and handmade heart shaped fondant and shiny green dragees.

I wrote the greeting with an edible pen; I always love a personal touch and it looks like a handwritten note.

Hope you enjoyed it Debs! :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Hello Kitty Cuppies!

I was finally given the chance to be creative for a 1 year old's birthday. Pink and Hello Kitty came to mind right away. After I confirmed the theme, I found out that the birthday party theme was Hello Kitty! What a coincidence isn't it? :)

All of the toppers were handmade with fondant. For the hello kitty topper, I used an edible black pen to create the eyes and whiskers. The bow and nose were made out of fondant and brushed with a little edible dust to give it a little sparkle. For the birthday greeting I embossed the fondant before I stuck on the lettering for the greeting.

The flavour was a double chocolate chip base with vanilla icing on top coloured with a light rose pink. The result? Sweet and delightful!

Happy Birthday Keira!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

A Frangipani Birthday!

It was my cousin's mum's birthday recently and she requested for my red velvet cupcakes. Her mum's favourite colour is peach so I incorporated the colour into the cream cheese frosting.

I went cupcake crazy last week as I discovered two wonderful fabulous baking supply shops! There's Toko Ani and Titan and it was pretty much baking Disneyland for me. The amount of supplies was endless and I even bought 5kg worth of fondant! I now have plenty of fondant to practice with. :)

I have to say it was fun making fondant toppers, I haven't had time to take classes so I've just been learning off the internet. The frangipanis were challenging and took me quite a while but I have to say it turned out pretty decent. I even hand made the flower greeting out of fondant and silver dragees. There's definitely still room for improvement. :)

Happy Birthday Aunty! Hope you enjoyed the cupcakes as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Yummy Mocha Night!

Hello all!

I have to say I've had quite a fruitful cupcake week and I hope this continues on! I had two birthday orders to complete but whilst doing that I decided to treat my family to a mocha chocolate cupcakes.

I made a mocha base topped off with chocolate cream cheese and mixed choc chips. It was super yummy to say the least!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Merdeka Day Orders!

Hello all!

My indo national day was a cupcake full of a day as I had 6 dozen cupcakes to bake not to mention in five different flavours!

A good friend of mine wanted 5 dozen for a tasting and a dozen was for my father in law to bring to Bogor for the death anniversary of his mother. Let's hope grandma approved my baking from heaven. :)

Here are some pics from my busy day!

The night before

Red Velvet Base with Chocolate Cream Cheese

Double Chocolate Chip Base with Chocolate Buttercream

Red Velvet Base with Cream Cheese Frosting

Mocha Base with Coffee Buttercream

Vanilla Base with Strawberry Buttercream

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

My First Baptism Cupcakes

My family and I had a lovely Saturday. It was also the day my future sister in law was baptised into the Catholic Church.

As a gift I offered to make her cupcakes to celebrate this wonderful occasion. She requested for my strawberry cuppies after she saw the photos online. The other cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and coloured with Lily's favourite colour Lilac.

As for the little edible flowers on top, I made it myself. Yes I finally attempted to make something from fondant and though its small, it was a definitely a huge step for me. It's all a learning process. :)

As you can see from the photos, she's one happy lady!

Congrats snowball!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx