Happy Birthday Mum!

It was my beautiful mother in law's birthday last weekend and I wanted to make something extra special for her.

She saw my tiffany collection and absolutely loved so I did another collection just for her! I handmade all the fondant work the week before and boy they took some time but it was worth the effort!

She requested for a coffee flavoured cupcake so I made a coffee base and finished off with vanilla buttercream.

Superbly elegant and classic, just like my mother in law. :)

Happy birthday again mummy!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Lily!

Yesterday was my future sister in law's birthday and the girl is crazy for lilac! For something different, I made lemon cupcakes with lilac coloured lemon buttercream. The combination of sweet and tangy is just delightful!

I handmade the fondant flowers three days before and to my mistake I left them out in the sun and the colour actually faded! Oh well we have to make mistakes in order to improve right? I added edible pearls to give it an elegant touch and some slight sparkle from lilac edible dust. The end result didn't look too bad did it? :)

Happy Birthday Lily!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Presenting...The Tiffany Collection

My cupcake master aka my sister and boss of www.cake-in-a-cup.blogspot.com came to visit me in Jakarta over the weekend. Apparently my love of cupcakes has re-inspired her and we spent all weekend shopping for baking supplies, cupcaking and playing with fondant.

She wanted to make a special gift for her Jakarta colleagues so we came up with the Tiffany Collection. It was a double chocolate chip cupcake with vanilla buttercream. We slowly added colour to create the perfect 'Tiffany' colour. The bows were handmade with fondant and we use edible pearls for the rest.

The result? Beautiful elegant cupcakes, perfect for a wedding!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx

Happy Birthday Debby!

It was my cousin's birthday last week and I thought what wouldn't be better then to surprise her with her favourite double chocolate chip cupcakes. It was finished with chocolate buttercream and handmade heart shaped fondant and shiny green dragees.

I wrote the greeting with an edible pen; I always love a personal touch and it looks like a handwritten note.

Hope you enjoyed it Debs! :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx