Darren's Full Moon Celebration

This is was my first order for a baby full moon celebration. My cousin Henny put her faith and trust in me to come up with something beautiful and unique for her lovely little boy.

She requested for chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with fondant decor. Everything you see in the photos was handmade by me except for the pacifier.

Everything turned out well except there was some drama with the fondant. I wanted to finish everything early so I put the fondant on top the night before and closed the lid. By the next morning, the fondant had started to melt a little and I was in panic mode. I then realised that the box had absolutely no ventilation as the box was handmade from wood with a glass cover top.! Luckily it wasn't too bad and we managed
to save most of it.

The result...cute and playful, just like little Darren. :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx


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