A Frangipani Birthday!

It was my cousin's mum's birthday recently and she requested for my red velvet cupcakes. Her mum's favourite colour is peach so I incorporated the colour into the cream cheese frosting.

I went cupcake crazy last week as I discovered two wonderful fabulous baking supply shops! There's Toko Ani and Titan and it was pretty much baking Disneyland for me. The amount of supplies was endless and I even bought 5kg worth of fondant! I now have plenty of fondant to practice with. :)

I have to say it was fun making fondant toppers, I haven't had time to take classes so I've just been learning off the internet. The frangipanis were challenging and took me quite a while but I have to say it turned out pretty decent. I even hand made the flower greeting out of fondant and silver dragees. There's definitely still room for improvement. :)

Happy Birthday Aunty! Hope you enjoyed the cupcakes as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx


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