Merdeka Day Orders!

Hello all!

My indo national day was a cupcake full of a day as I had 6 dozen cupcakes to bake not to mention in five different flavours!

A good friend of mine wanted 5 dozen for a tasting and a dozen was for my father in law to bring to Bogor for the death anniversary of his mother. Let's hope grandma approved my baking from heaven. :)

Here are some pics from my busy day!

The night before

Red Velvet Base with Chocolate Cream Cheese

Double Chocolate Chip Base with Chocolate Buttercream

Red Velvet Base with Cream Cheese Frosting

Mocha Base with Coffee Buttercream

Vanilla Base with Strawberry Buttercream

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!

Lovingly Lealalicious xxx


Jaks said...
22 August 2010 at 12:59

They are works of art and look very yummy!!

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